Today, this colombian investment banker that works with us told me he would take me out to lunch. I didn’t eat breakfast, so I was like starving to death by 11 am. I was frantically looking for him and had zero luck finiding him in the office. I then heard he was in our new CEO’s office for the past hour and I kind of got concerned that he was being fired – in which case I wasn’t getting my free lunch. . no he is a good dude though.

After finally exiting his meeting, he proceeded to tell me he was too busy to take us to lunch but gave me his credit card and told me to order for myself and for Dave. We decided on Pop Burger – they just opened up another one in midtown east. I got a HUGE chicken sandwich and onion rings – that sandwich almost killed me, but it was so delicious. I love that sauce pop burger puts on their sh*t. mmmmmm yummy

So tonight, my friend Njeri was coming over and I promised her I would make her russian-style fried potatoes. I I kind of try to pretend like I am watching my carbs ever since I think i gained 5 lbs in Barcelona eating all that bread, but hey… I cannot say no to potatoes. I can eat potatoes and tomatoes until I turn blue. I decied to make her a simple-russian-people-economy-class dinner. I bought 5 lbs of potatoes and 4 lbs of tomatoes.

The potatoes are basically fried carbs – can’t go wrong with that. Basically, I peeled the skin off and cut out any weird brown parts. I then cut the potatoes into thin strips (I like them really thin, the thinner, the better they taste, as far as I’m concerned). I put them on a pan with sunflower oil (typical russian-people oil) (olive oil will do as well though). I fried them and when they got soft (but not yet brown), I added onions (that are cut about as thick as the potatoes). I fried the potatoes and onions untill they turned golden and then I added salt.

As for the tomatoes, KC HELPED ME CUT THEM (I have signed KC up to help me cut things in the kitchen). So you cut the tomatoes, onions, just add salt, olive oil (I like the dark-green intense flavored one – especially the one I brought back from Spain) and two drops of white wine vinegar. (its really not even necessary, but I was in the mood).

And thats it. Typical russian people dinner. I obviously had to take a few shots of vodka to really finish off the dish.

Njeri, KC and I talked about boys, sex, trashy young pregnant chicks and other highly inappropriate things, as we laughed hysterically at the halloween costume I picked out for our puppy.


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3 Responses to “Russian-style”

  1. tsvets Says:

    someone wrote a comment on this mother f*ker but i can’t see it? someone help me. im a blog virgin.

  2. njeri Says:

    that russian meal was a very delicious meal.

  3. the girls Says:

    we are coming for you

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